Algorand Foundation Pegs Wharton Program for Future Blockchain Innovators

January 15, 2022

Algorand Foundation joins Prysm Group to lead the “Welcome to the Industry” Challenge for the first cohort of its Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets program at Wharton. This program provides participants the opportunity to get hands-on experience in blockchain and digital assets.

The Algorand Foundation is excited to announce a partnership with Prysm Group, a leading blockchain economic consulting and education firm, in supporting participants in the Wharton School’s Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets executive education program. Leveraging both theoretical frameworks and real-world applications and case studies, this six-week Wharton certificate program is designed for business and technology professionals seeking to learn about blockchain and digital assets through its value-driving principle: economics. As part of Algorand’s Algorand Centers of Excellence (ACE) program, this initiative is part of the Foundation’s overall commitment to promoting the broadest possible adoption of the Algorand network and blockchain technology.

Successful graduates of the Wharton program will be offered the chance to work on a real-world blockchain technology use case together with Algorand Foundation partners. Additionally, students of both the first and second cohorts, beginning on January 3, 2022, and February 28, 2022, will compete for a “Rising Star” prize, which includes an all-expenses-paid VIP trip to a 2022 Formula E race weekend of their choosing.

Having partnered with Formula E’s Envision Racing for the 2022 season, the Algorand Foundation is excited to present this unique opportunity for one winning student to spend time in a high-pressure, high-performance environment that is also focused on sustainability and reduction of carbon footprint — a core value shared with the Algorand community. 

“We are delighted to participate in this outstanding program on the economics of blockchain and digital assets,” said Jason Lee, COO of the Algorand Foundation. “This innovative learning platform will enable the next generation of leaders to understand and embrace the potential of next-generation blockchain technology as it moves into the mainstream.” In addition to the Algorand Foundation’s partner activities, the foundation will also send its leadership team through the open-enrollment program, where they will study alongside and interact with other program students.

The Wharton Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets program is an exceptional platform for experienced leaders to learn about blockchain through a number of perspectives — technology, innovation, and economics. The six-week online program features more than 50 video lectures, seven industry case studies, the Fundamental Token Valuation (FTV) methodology, and more. 

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be allowed to participate in three optional challenges that will allow them to earn hands-on blockchain industry experience and establish valuable connections in the space.

Reed Cataldo, founding partner at Prysm Group and an administrator for the Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets program, says, “This program stresses the importance of combining theory and practice and we believe this fantastic partnership with Algorand echoes that philosophy. We are delighted to have Algorand join this initiative to provide a unique platform for program graduates to gain hands-on experience applicable to real-world blockchain use cases.” He continued, “With students joining us from more than 40 different countries, we are excited to see the innovations only such a diverse cohort can produce.”

For more information on the Wharton Executive Education Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets program, please visit us here.

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